May / 2020
Teen Money
Teenage Job Drought

It’s no question that teenagers are going to have a hard time getting jobs this summer. Most teenagers during the summer work at pools, small food shops, amusement parks, retail stores, and grocery stores. With the start of the 2020 summer season, most teenagers will find themselves to be unemployed this summer. Many parks and pools will not open this summer. Even with the possibility of opening with social distancing guidelines, many of these businesses and public places are finding it not worth it to open. Pools and amusement parks are not finding it profitable to open. With the closure of Dorney Park and most of the popular community pools this summer, it is leaving thousands of teenagers without a job. Lifeguards, snack stand workers, amusement park ride technicians, and many other types of jobs will be nonexistent this summer.

Although some jobs are out of the question this summer, other jobs are still open for teenagers with less of a demand; ice cream shops and fast-food restaurants are still open this summer. The only problem is that these places are not looking for as many employees. With less customer volume and the guidelines limiting the number of people that can work in an area, these restaurants are looking for fewer employees. Job scarcity is also true for teenagers that are working in retail. Curbside retail requires less employees to be working in the store. They don’t need to have people stocking shelves, folding clothes, and they don’t need as many cashiers. Jobs for teenagers working in retail will most likely be close to nonexistent in the future. This is due to the stay at home order in the United States further pushing people to prefer online shopping over in-person shopping.

Other jobs are still open to teenagers. Many teenagers this summer might find themselves working to stock shelves in grocery stores, cashiers in grocery stores and at essential businesses, and mowing lawns. With the closures of many businesses this summer, some are still operating. Grocery stores are busier than ever and the landscaping business is still in full swing. Teenagers that don’t mind a little dirt can mow lawns, kill weeds, and cut down trees. On the food side of this, grocery stores are still open and the shelves are constantly in need to be refilled.

At this time teenagers need to be thinking outside of the box. There are jobs this summer. They are just not where most teenagers think they are. Believe it or not, people are still looking for babysitters and people to walk their dogs. In my belief, most of the jobs this summer for teenagers will be jobs that help and problem solve. Teenagers must remember that just because school is closed that doesn’t mean the world is. It may seem to be that way but teens have to look past that. They have to see that restaurants are not open for people to come in but they are open for pickup. Many people are ordering through Postmates, Doordash, Ubereates, and other food delivery services. Parents have been home with their kids for three months now and want nothing more than a small break. Teenagers with jobs this summer will be the ones who can look through the closed doors to find that one that is open at the end.

I am a certified lifeguard and before all of this craziness, I thought I was going to be a lifeguard in the morning, doing arts and crafts in mid-morning, and working with Comprehensive Wealth Planning in the afternoon. Let us just say that I thought I was going to be close to having no job this summer. Thankfully, that isn’t the case.

This summer is going to be one to remember. There is no question about that. Pools are closed, amusement parks are closed, and the beach isn’t going to look the same. Hopefully, next summer will be a different story.