December / 2019
Post Workout Routine

Fitness: “Falling on the ground post Workout” – why I started Putting My Things Away as a ‘cash out.’

3-2-1 GO! You complete another grueling WOD (“Workout of the Day”), your hands are sore, your legs are wobbly, your lungs are burnt toast, you crash to the ground as you try to catch your breath and make the pain stop.

We’ve all been there, but recently I was confronted with the idea that maybe I should reconsider becoming this jelly filled heap of sweat after difficult WODs.

One day as I was writhing on the ground after some unholy combination of movements set to a painful rep scheme, I was reminded of an interview with a particular retired Navy Seal. The two warriors were discussing a workout that they used to do “back in the day” and how the one gentleman used to poke fun that the newer guys after grueling workouts. He used to walk over and say something to the effect of “oh, was that hard for you?” Or “if you thought that was hard, just wait until we do xyz!”

There’s something about mocking the new guys, as a way of showing your strength or enlightenment that I thoroughly enjoyed. This particular gentleman from all accounts was as hard as they come and his New England accent only added to the beauty of his insults.

So there I was again, in a pool of my own sweat, rolling on the ground, hoping that it would make the pain go away (which it always does, of course). I happen to glance up see a female gym member quietly putting away her barbell and various other equipment that she used for the same workout I had just completed…except she wasn’t rolling on the ground, moaning in agony; she was quietly putting her things back from where they originated. No rolling, no moaning, no groaning, no complaining to her neighbor about “how brutal that sh*t was!” In that instant, I pulled myself from the floor and stumbled to the Whiteboard (where in CrossFit, we all give our coach our individual scores after the workout) to find this athlete had beaten me by 1 Full Round in the workout.

I thought to myself “THAT is a bada$$!”

It’s not that her score was anything that would qualify her for the CrossFit Games but not only did she exceed my effort, she did so, and then calmly, humbly, and without causing a scene…put her things away. Period. The end. Like a bad a$$. Like a warrior. To add insult to my post WOD injured ego, she was wearing a tank top that read on the front “Suck it up, Buttercup.”

“Dang” I thought to myself. “I’m the Buttercup.”

Going forward, I decided that would be how I will try to carry myself. Finish the workout. Take a breath & collect yourself. Put your things away without writhing on the ground. Give your score. Practice Humility. Carry yourself like a bada$$ (even if all you want to do is curl in a ball on the floor!).